The Equine Club

Our Beautiful
School Horses

Dalgangle Wind in the Willows

Stable name:  Willow

Breed: Welsh B

Year of birth:  2001

Height:  12.2hh

Suitable for:  Beginners upwards


Stable name:  Lacey

Breed:  Australian Riding Pony

Year of birth: 2011

Height: 12.2hh

Suitable for:  Competent child or teen riders, show jumping her speciality.

Tic Tac

Stable name:  Tic Tac

Breed: Paint X Irish Sport Pony

Year of birth: 2006

Height: 13.3hh

Suitable for: Beginners upwards.  Great for XC riding.

kambea park jazz

Stable name:  Jazz

Breed:  Australian Warmblood

Year of birth: 2007

Height: 16.1hh

Suitable for: Intermediate to advanced riders.  Dressage and Show Jumping.

blister in the sun

Stable name:  Sunny

Breed:  Thoroughbred

Year of birth:  2002

Height:  16.1hh

Suitable for:  Beginners upwards.

wehalla park destiny's delight

Stable name:  Destiny

Breed:  Welsh X

Year of birth:  2015

Height:  14.1hh

Suitable for:  Intermediate riders.


Stable name:  Millie

Breed:  Arabian

Year of birth: 2008

Height:  14.2hh

Suitable for: Intermediate riders.


Stable name:  Aramis

Breed:  Haflinger

Year of birth: 2010

Height:  14.2hh

Suitable for: Beginners upwards

big paddy

Stable name:  Paddy

Breed:  Haflinger

Year of birth: 2009

Height:  16.1hh

Suitable for: Beginners upwards.  Loves to jump.


Stable name:  Shadow


Year of birth:

Height:  14.2hh

Suitable for:  Beginners


Stable name:  Rafi

Breed:  Riding Pony

Year of birth: 2002

Height:  12.1hh

Suitable for: Beginners upwards


Stable name:  Katie

Breed:  Riding Pony

Year of birth: 2002

Height:  14.3hh

Suitable for: Beginners


Stable name:  Blossom

Breed:  Minature

Year of birth:

Height:  hh

Suitable for:  Beginners