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From January 2020 The Equine Club will move to a new purpose build equine booking and management system called Hopoti. Hopoti is used extensively throughout Europe and has moved into the Australian market as of December 2019.

To view Hopoti go to:

Hopoti allows you to create either an indivual account or family account adding everyone under the same account. You can then manage all your bookings, view past, current and future bookings and make modifications up to 12 hours prior. Choose your favourite horse or pony from our centre and we will see who you like to ride and assign them to your ride or lesson where able. You can choose as many favourite horses or ponies as you like from our centre.

In addition you can sync your Hopoti calender with all your bookings to your own calender so you never forget. All invoicing is done through Hopoti, you will receive reminders for payment, you can schedule lessons for the next 12 months and enact a payment plan with reminders. Payment is required a minimum of 12 hours prior to the booking, if payment is not made the system will automatically cancel that lesson and open it up to other people to book, you will get reminders however so this wont happen without you knowing.

Lessons can be booked and paid for individually or you can purchase what is referred to as a "stable card" which is effecively a pack of lessons. We have packs available for purchase on the front page of The Equine Club Hopoti page, if you puchase a pack of 10 lessons we credit one additional lesson for free so you will receive 11 credits for that pack. You can then book them as you wish over the next 12months. You can use the value of the lesson to any service for which you have access, The Equine Club will set up which services you are able to access on your profile such as Pony Club groups, adult riders and childrens club lessons.

We can always be contacted via phone or email should you have any problems, please feel free to contact us anytime should you need to.

To register, book or just find out more check out their website above.

To book a lesson through Hopoti click the link below: