Step 1 – Registering

To register your account go to:

All riders must have an individual account in Hopoti, including minors. This enables staff to view the riders’ information and assign horses to them effortlessly.

Under the Riders tab in the blue boxes – click “Join Hopoti”

Step 2 – Individual or family account

If you are registering for a minor, please create a family account. You will need to enter your details in this page as the parent of guardian. The family account feature allows you to create a single guardian account that can be linked to several child accounts without the need for individual email accounts and the usual registration process. This makes the management, booking and cancellations of lessons very simple. Child accounts can also be used without accessing the guardian account first, so children can log in to see which horse they have been assigned to and browse a variety of other information. If you are only registering for yourself continue with this process, you do not need to create a family account.

Step 3 – Add us to your favourite stable

Please ensure you add The Equine Club under the tab “Add farourite stables” otherwise we will not be able to see your profile when booking. Also ensure you fill out all the required fields (except in the case of a guardian account where you will not be riding, there we do not need weight and height only contact details. All rider accounts must have weight and height entered. We have a weight cap of 90kg on all riders for the benefit of our horses.

Step 4 – Read service terms

Please read and accept service terms.

Step 5 – Enter country and language

Enter country and language

Step 6 – Individual account complete

You have now entered the primary account holder and from here you can go into your profile and make a booking. If you need to create a family account follow steps 7 – 9, otherwise go straight to step 10 to see how to make a booking.

Step 7 – Add minors and other riders

To now enter your profile, go to the icon top right of your tool bar where your name is. If you click on your name, the screen here will appear and you can access many functions which we will explain at step 10. To add a family member though go to the “acount settings” tab to the right of the tool bar under your name and click through. Alternatively you can use the drop down box at your name on the main tool bar and go straight into account settings

Step 8 – Add family member

From the account settings tab, check that all your details are entered and correct and “Save changes”. Under the Rider details tab, you can confirm you have entered your ICE (In Case of Emergency) details. Do not worry about Skill Level, we do not use this function. If there is something you can tell us about your riding and any past experience, any medical issues or other issues we should be aware of please enter it under rider notes. The more information you can tell us about the rider in this space the easier it is for staff to assign the correct horse.

Step 9 – Family account

To add or link family members to a Family accounts box is fairly straight forward. Depending on the account you are signed in as, you can enter a parent account to be linked to the account or if you are logged in as a parent, you can either link an existing child account or create a new child account. Follow the tabs for which ever choice is necessary and link or create that new account. If you have any questions regarding this process please contact us and we can talk you through it.

Step 10 – Ready to book

From your profile account now hit Favourite Stable and The Equine Club should appear if you have entered it at Step 3.

Step 11 – The Equine Club Page

This will direct you to the front booking page of The Equine Club. From this page you can see the pricing and announcements the company makes as well as a link to make a booking. All lessons that are available will now be listed within the booking page, by clicking Booking either on the tab or the green button you will be directed to the page to find available spots.

Step 12 – Booking Page

Once you hit this page you will see tabs under the top picture with “Select Calender”. Under here are tabs: Riding Lessons The Equine Club / Events / For Children / etc. These tabs will also change from time to time. School holiday programs will be entered under a seperate tab once we publish them. To book riding lessons though use the first tab ” Ringing lessons The Equine Club” and a page with lessons available will appear and generally the name of the instructor with whom the lesson is available. Once you have found the date and time, click on the time slot you want to book.

Step 13 – Confirm details are correct

Once you click into a time slot, this page will let you know the details and if the spot is available. If all the deails are correct for what you want to book, click “Continue booking” to proceed to the next page.

Step 14 – Clarify payment

Once in this screen, be careful to not pay for stable cards or packs unless you want them. There is a timer at the top screen that will cancel the booking if the booking is not processed within a certain time frame.

On the left of the screen, click Buy a Lesson unless you want to buy a pack of 10 lessons (stablecard) which gives you an extra lesson free. You can also buy Stablecards through Sharyn via email and she can invoice you directly and credit stable cards to your account should you prefer. If you choose to Buy Stablecard, then choose from the options on the right, otherwise hit Buy a Lesson and then you will be directed to the following page.

Step 15 – Secure private lesson

Here is where you can buy the lesson you clicked into or change it to another day of the same time and day of week. Continue to payment method selection. The rest is straight forward, after confirmation you will receive a email to the nominated email address on the account, as well as reminders leading up to the event.