There are 7 levels of Pony Club certificates from E through to A. At all certificate levels, riders are expected to understand correct safety practices and demonstrate correct use of appropriate safety equipment for horse handling and ground work (such as correct handling of a lead rope) and when riding (riding boots, helmet correctly fitted, body protector when jumping etc.).

There are no minimum age requirements in order to pass a certificate and members can be examined for their certificate at any age when The Equine Club coaches consider they meet the competency standards for that level. When being assessed, the rider must have attended a minimum of 6 sessions of supervised instruction in the past 12 months on a horse they have ridden regularly.

Assessors within The Equine Club are able to test for E, D and D* certificates. Pony Club Victoria has a panel of assessors for C certificates and above and The Equine Club will arrange for one of the assessors to test club members when they feel the student is ready. Assessors are current members of a Pony Club and attend regular refresher courses conducted within Victoria. The panel of assessors is reviewed every three years.

In order to pass the certificate, the riders must pass each section of the assessment and may be asked to demonstrate skills that were previously assessed in prior prerequisite certificates. If a rider passess a section of the certificate and not the whole certificate, that section of the test passed will be held in credit until such a time as all sections are passed, up to a maximum of two years from the original practical assessment date.

Students are required to wear The Equine Club polo shirt and either vest or jacket when attending any Pony Club training day or attending any Pony Club open competition. For ridden assessments, students must wear their Equine Club uniform, the horse must be clean and tidy with hooves showing evidence of care.

All tack maintenance is the responsibility of The Equine Club though students are required to maintain the tack in good order.

Certificate manuals for each level are available through Pony Club or can be ordered via The Equine Club.