e certificate

The E Certificate is recommended but not compulsory.

Candidates working through the E certificate will be riding on the lead line or transitioning to independant riding. Assessment can be completed on the lead line. The successful E certificate rider should be able to demonstrate the following, with assistance as required;

Rider’s Tool Kit

• Be familiar with the term presure - release (may not necessarily be able to describe it accurately but understands the importance of the release of pressure)

• Know two different ways to reward the horse (scratching and food rewards)

On the Ground

• Understand the importance of correct safety equipment for riding and ground work

• Understand the need for gloves, boots, helmet, long pants, long sleeves, shirt tucked in, and lead rope held correctly

• Catch and let go of the horse

• Lead the horse correctly

• Understand how to tie up their horse safely

• Demonstrate stop and go responses while leading.

Under Saddle

• Mount and dismount safely

• Understand some basic elements of the correct position

• Hold the reins correctly

• Be developing rising trot

• Stop / slow, go forward and turn the horse.

Horse Management

• Know these parts of the horse: nostril, mane, wither, forelock, knee, flank, fetlock, ears, forehead

• Know some colours (chestnut, bay or brown and grey)

• Know some markings (star, blaze and socks)

• Know some basic grooming tools and how to use them with assistance (dandy brush, body brush, curry comb, hoof pick)

• Understand what the horse requires to be healthy (roughage, water, shade, shelter, friends)

• Know how to clean tack

• Know these items of tack (bridle, bit, reins, saddle, girth, stirrups).