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From end of January 2020 we will commence E and D certificates for children wishing to partake in Pony Club. There is a registration fee payable to Pony Club Victoria for membership pro rata from date joined of $110 per annum and you can join directly with Pony Club.

Our enrolment fee is inclusive of;

  • Equine Club uniform pack consisting of Polo shirt in your size and either sleeveless or long sleeve soft shell jacket with full Equine Club embroidery
  • First learning pack for either certificate E or D
  • 1 x free 30 minute assessment lesson to ascertain the best pony for you to ride to commence the certificate program (new clients only who sign up)

The enrolment fee is $170 to register and receive your uniform and first pack.

Lessons will be held weekly, you can purchase lessons week by week or purchase a 10 pack of lessons and get one free to add on at the end.

The beginner E level is for complete beginners and children under the age of 6 irrespective of their previous involvement with ponies or horses. This program will run for 1.5 hours each week and the cost will be $70 per session / week per child.

The D certificate and above level is for students with some prior horse riding experience who are able to skip the E certificate should they choose. This is also for students who have passed E certificate and are ready to move up.

D certificates and above will run for 2.5 hours a week, the cost is $80 per session / week. This will consist of both ridden, theory and horsemanship sessions.

Once you pass your certificate level you can purchase your next booklet directly through Pony Club or through The Equine Club directly.

D certifcate students and above are required to supply their own riding helmet and closed, heeled riding boots. Long boots are not necessary and not recommended at this level.

To enrol or just enquire further please fill in the below enquiry form and we will get back to you promptly.