Our horses

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Willow is 17 years old and 12.2hh. She may be small in stature though is big in personality. She is a grey Welsh B X pony. She has competed Interschools dressage and the Victorian Youth Dressage Championships in 2018. Great for beginners she is kind and loves her carrots.



Nevada is a 13.1hh German Riding Pony x Arabian. He is quite the beauty to watch as he goes around. He is available for intermediate to advanced junior riders. Nevada is currently working novice and training up to medium dressage movements. Nevada is one to watch for the future.



Lacey is a grey Welsh X Riding Pony. She is a super show jumper you just point her in the right direction and she does the rest. Lacey is great for the serious child competitor. She is very sweet in nature and is a great little competitor who loves going out, always giving her best.

star arrives


Star is a 14.1hh dapple grey Quarter Horse. She is not for complete beginners though for the balanced rider who loves to show jump she is the pony to ride. She has been competed out in dressage though her passion is jumping having jumped over a meter with no problem. Only for the more intermediate to advanced riders.



A Welsh D pure black standing at 14.1hh. Mia has a beautiful canter and glides around the arena. She has been started in show jumping for which she has taken in her stride. She is a kind soul who when has a child on her back really looks after them. Such a kind girl who is going to be the most amazing pony as she continues to mature.

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Paddy stands at 16.1hh. Our chestnut thoroughbred is a gentle giant and a very quirky fellow. Another OTT, he loves a smooch, has not a nasty bone in his body. Paddy has previously done eventing and has many years left to enjoy doing what he loves. Paddy is available for lessons for beginners through to advanced rider.



Sunny is an educated OTT who came to us late 2018. He is 18 years old and 16.1hh. A stunning chestnut boy, he has previously been trained to Elementary level dressage movements and has been a show jumper. He still gets excited when he gets to go a couple of rounds of jumping. He is the perfect all rounder and a very safe and reliable mount.



Jazz is a beautiful Australian Warmblood out of AJ Maximus who joined the team in 2019. She has lovely movement and allows our more advanced riders the opportunity to experience a truely beautiful dressage horse. She is currently competing dressage under the guidance of the team and can be seen out competing



Millie is an 9 year old Arabian who came to us late 2018. Millie was a past endurance horse and has an amazing work ethic. She is sweet and sentitive, loves a pat and a treat. Millie has clearly been educated and is kind and giving under saddle, always willing to please, she loves a job to do.


Cowboy is a young 16.1hh Clydie X Stockhorse who came to us late 2019. His kind nature and willingness to try his best makes him a great addition. He has undergone 12 months of training with the team and joined the riding school early 2020 and has turned into an amazing horse. He is a big smooch and loves nothing more than to greet you at the gate for a pat.

Tic Tac

Tic Tac is 13 years of age. Whilst on holidays in Queensland our team went on a bush ride, Tic Tac was one of the ponies the team rode. We were so impressed with him we bought him and he has become a super addition to the team joining us in 2019. Standing 13.3hh, nothing worries this boy and he is great for the kids. Tic Tac will be on all the beach rides over summer.


Destiny is a young palamino pony who is undergoing 12 months of training and education before joining the team as a competitive mount for someone who would like to compete dressage and show jumping on. A super young pony, she stands at 13.3hh and is friendly and loves to come in for a ride. This pony is a great show jumping girl, simply point and she does the rest


Diesel is a 17hh Clydie X Thoroughbred who along with Cowboy joined us in late 2019. He has previously been ridden and broken to harness. He is also joining the team in 2020 once he has undergone arena familiarisation and a schooling and retraining program to ensure he is ready for his new role. A very gentle and kind boy who loves a pat and someone to spend time with him.


Tonto is 9 years old and that is all we really know about him. He came to us from the sales as we wanted to give a horse a second chance. He has spent the last 12 months spelling as he came with a lot of scars and old injuries and was emotionally shut down. He is now very happy and runs to meet us at the gate. Irrespective if he comes into the school or not, he has a forever safe home with us.