Your questions answered

What is the affiliation between Pony Club Australia and The Equine Club?

As part of Pony Club Australia's strategic planning for 2019 - 2021, increasing participation in equestrian sports, providing leading education programs and providing alignment with other equestrian services were some of the goals outlined. As Pony Club Australia and The Equine Club know, horse ownership is expensive and not everyone has the resources, knowledge, finances or time to take on the massive committment of horse ownership and care. This is where the PCA Centre Membership program has come into effect. This new initiative now gives kids and adults the opportunity to experience being a part of Pony club and do the learning, riding and certification program without having your own pony or horse.


How much does it cost?

Membership with Pony Club Australia is mandatory and can be either paid directly to Pony Club and you sign up online or through The Equine Club. The cost per annum is $110 and this goes to Pony Club Australia directly and is renewed annually.

What does membership cover?

You are insured as a Pony Club member and have all the same cover and rights of a normal member when riding under the program of Pony Club, at The Equine Club and at any venue, competition, learning facility or riding while under the banner of The Equine Club activities.

If you are riding privately on another persons horse and have an accident you would not be covered in this instance, the cover only relates to activities directly related to learning or competing with The Equine Club under the Pony Club syllabus or activities.

What are the different programs on offer?

There are 3 main steams of learning on offer:

  1. Children new to riding
  2. Adults new to riding
  3. Adults returning to riding

How does it work?

Pony Club centres historically do monthly full day rallies, The Equine Club will be running their rider affiliated program a little differently though each participant still works towards the certification program and will progress through the levels at their own pace.

All new riders to the centre will start at the beginning certificate level, how fast you progress is determined by how much riding experience you have prior, the frequency of attendance and ability. You will be assessed in house by The Equine Club coaches up to C level certificate. From C level certificate you will be assessed independantly of The Equine Club staff by Pony Club Victoria staff. Once passed you can you can move onto the next certificate level, there are no charges passed onto our members for external assessment. You will need to show not only riding ability though theory and natural horsemanship skills in order to progress.

Our program will be run out weekly, Certificate E awill run for 60 minutes each week and encompass all three areas of the program, riding, theory and natural horsemanship. Participants can attend weekly, fortnightly or monthly. You can buy a pack of attendances or pay week to week as you like. The D and above certificates will run for 2 1/2 hours every week and encompass again the three elements of the certification program.

You can work at your own pace, there are no minimum attendance requirements, it is completely up to the individual, their time and monetary considerations. Weekly lesson plans are in place for each level and staff will work on different lesson plans each week. Should you only attend randomly and not weekly, you may not have access to the full program as quickly as the lesson plans will rotate until all competencies are covered thus allowing participants to cover them all in order to obtain certification and progress to the next level. Should you need to work on a particular aspect of the program and only attend randomly, please speak to the staff and we can facilitate the areas missed during one of the sessions if able.

Can i bring my own horse and join the program with The Equine Club?

The PCA Acredited Riding Centres are only for children and adults who do not have their own ponies. Riders who have their own horse or pony and wish to participate in Pony Club activities should join their local Pony Club.

Do I get to ride the same horse each week?

Yes where able we will endevour to ensure continuity of horse and rider, where the coaches feel you are better suited to a different horse they will assign a new horse periodically as you progress through the levels as you may not find the horse suitable as you progress in skill and ability.

Can I compete as part of the Squad?

Absolutely, we would encourage that once you feel ready and the coaches agree.

I am an adult can I join?

There is a huge demand for adult riding groups, Pony Club Australia and The Equine Club have both identified this and hope to fill a void in this area by offering the two programs, that being new adults to riding and adults returing to riding after a spell, be it work, children, travel or what ever has taken them from riding be it 1 month or 5 years.

Do I need to supply my own helmet and riding boots?

If you are attending weekly then yes we ask that you provide your own helmet and riding boots as you would need to for any other Pony Club, making the committment to your riding apparal and maintaining it in good working condition is just as important a requirement as what you do under saddle. If you are new and just want to try first, we do have a small supply of helmets available for use that meet safety standards and are regularly updated and maintained in good working order.