School holiday program

Welcome to the 2019 Equine Club School Holiday program, we have included as much information here as we can to ensure that you have the information to ensure that this program is right for the child or dependent you are considering enrolling. All our programs are well thought out prior to execution and the staff take great care in ensuring your child is safe and well taken care of during the day. Our staff all have current Working with Children Checks and ensure that the children are supervised at all times.

Our coach Marcel Loeb heads up all the programs offered at The Equine Club and is instrumental in overseeing their execution. He has trained in Germany and completed a 3 year Bereiter, he is highly trained in all aspects of teaching and horse husbandry with over 10 years of experience. Safety for both children and our horses is always our top priority when we sit and plan the School Holiday Program each year to ensure we are able to provide participants with a welcoming, safe, nurturing and enjoyable learning experience and allows them the enjoyment that comes from spending time with the horses.

Through our two programs for 2019 we aim to provide the following:

  • To introduce and develop the participant's knowledge of horses and horse husbandry focusing on horse welfare, riding, training and general horse care required on a day to day basis.
  • To allow participants to partake at a level that is comfortable for them while allowing for personal challenges and the ability to expose themselves to new experiences.
  • Horse riding is a social activity, through day programs the children will meet others for whom have a similar interest and from that the participants learn to work together, develop social skills, allow healthy competitiveness and enjoy successes that the day may bring.
  • To be able to support and encourage their peers and accept achievements and learn from areas that are challenging and difficult.
  • Where able we will allow the participants to spend time with a service provider to the horse industry, be they farrier, osteo, dentist or medical. The participants will have the opportunity to ask questions, learn about their industry and see their interactions and treatments for which they provide. This will vary from program to program and while not always possible to have this coincide with an external service provider, in their absence a tutorial on horse husbandry will be included in the day program.

2019 will see two programs offered to customers:

  1. General Day Program
  2. Dressage Riders Day Program

General Day Program.

Our general day programs are set up for beginners with some riding experience through to intermediate and advanced riders. Our staff will ensure that the program is able to meet the safety requirements of all the children who attend. The program allows children to get “dirty” and have some fun, don’t wear your best clothes to this day as you may go home covered in hay and dirt. They will learn what is takes to care for their allocated horse for the day.

After arrival and check in they will assist in leading their horse in, brushing, grooming and tacking up before a morning ride. After this time, they will be involved in feeding, paddock cleaning and putting their horse out again before a session on horse husbandry and hopefully a visit by one of our external providers to show them their craft. After lunch they will collect their horses from the paddock again before an afternoon ride followed by untacking, washing, rugging and putting away their horse with the assistance of staff.

Children during their ride will learn about posture, positioning on a horse, correct handling, and what to do if you are in a situation where you need to stop your horse for whatever reason fast. Safety and how to “emergency stop” one of the fundamental core learning outcomes of any of our lessons.

Dressage Riders Day Program

This program is written with the intermediate to advanced rider who would like to work on their dressage skills, well suited to our rider squad participants or those riders who are already competing even at an entry level. Riders must be able to walk, trot and canter independently to participate in this day program.

Students will, as with the general program, check in before collecting their horse, brushing, grooming and tacking up before a morning ride. They will be taught to platt for competition during the morning session and go through the grooming requirements for a competition day.

The morning session will consist of working through preliminary dressage movements, working on connection, frame, hand and seat position, posture as well as being able to ride a 20m circle, shoulder in and other dressage moves to improve your competition performance.

After the lunch break, you will then ride the dressage tests and practise the moves they have been working on in the morning session. At the end of the afternoon session they will untack, wash, rug and put away your horse with the assistance of staff.

Things to note:

Bookings and Payment: All programs require payment at the time of the booking. Please come speak with us if you require a different arrangement and we will be able to work something out with you.

Helmets: All riders must wear helmets when mounted, in paddocks or in the tie areas with the horses. Regular riders must provide their own helmets as we have only a small supply of additional helmets for use. Horseland in Narre Warren are our preferred supplier and any new customer to The Equine Club will receive a 20% discount off their first purchase. Please ensure when buying a helmet that you go in and try it on, different shaped heads require different shaped helmets and chin straps must be comfortable.

Boots: Riders must have solid footwear with a smooth sole and a heel. Closed in shoes, no laces, no thongs. We do not supply footwear for riding for personal hygiene reasons, again the reason for the limited helmets as well. We do supply safety stirrups or equivalent for our riders though we still encourage you to wear the appropriate footwear.

Supervision: For the safety of everyone, please be advised that no rider will mount before an instructor is present.