We, at The Equine Club, are so excited to bring to fruition our long anticipated squad dream, a dream months in planning and design which allows riders without horses the ability to experience the joy, excitement and reward that comes from putting those months and years of riding lessons and hard work to the test on one of our beautiful schooled competition and riding horses. Our horses are all trained under the careful eye of Marcel Loeb, Marcel brings the drive and the passion for horse riding to the business and his students with well over 10 years of riding experience. Marcel is trained under classical trainer Ralph Berendth in Hamburg, Germany, having completed a three-year Bereiter before moving to Australia. With his incredibly classical approach to working with horse and rider along with his ability to teach the mechanics of movements through to Grand Prix, he is an amazing part of the riding school and success of the club.

Individuals are asked to familiarise themselves with the expectations of club and are responsible for:

  • Making themselves aware of the requirements and complying with its standards of behaviour
  • Ensuring (where applicable) compliance with our Working with Children checks
  • Placing safety and welfare above all other considerations
  • Being accountable for your own behaviour
  • Will not harass, discriminate or exhibit any other inappropriate behaviour towards team, staff, community at any time
  • No alcohol or drug use will be tolerated, ever, any such behaviour will result in immediate removal of the member from participation be they member, family or support.


Remember when you are out at competition, you not only represent yourself, your school, your family, your community though our service and our team. As such, the following requirements are not negotiable in regard to the conduct of our squad riders, staff and rider support persons:

  • Play by the rules, never argue with your coach, support team, officials or judges. If you are unhappy with any part of the day, speak to us privately and we will assist you to sort out the issue.
  • Respect all fellow riders, in passing, warm up or generally moving around, be mindful of where other riders are and follow the rules of the warm up ring remembering you are representing not only yourself though the team as well
  • Show care for the equipment you use, return this in good order, clean down your bit and saddle after use, place things away, make staff aware if anything is missing or supply is running low.
  • Congratulate the winners, display modesty if you are victorious and be gracious in defeat.
  • Remember that judges, officials, volunteers, are all there to ensure that competition days run smoothly.
  • Be respectful of any instructions given and follow through on what is being asked of you.
  • Absolutely no alcohol or drug use when training or competing at any time.
  • Make sure staff are aware of physical or emotional limitations that may arise or change that may affect your ability to train, ride or compete.
  • Be respectful of others race, cultural diversity, religion or background, all people deserve to have their rights, dignity and worth respected.
  • Remember to have fun, make sure you are competing or a part of the squad for your enjoyment and benefit, come into each training session or competition with the right attitude.


  • All staff and volunteers over the age of 18 must have a valid Working with Children's Check and card which must be witnessed and documented by staff in order to assist with training, competitions or other related events associated with The Equine Club.
  • All staff within The Equine Club have current Working with Children cards and are available to view upon request at any time.
  • You do need a Check if you meet ALL 5 criteria listed below:

    1. You engage, or intend to engage, in child-related work as an employee or volunteer.
    2. You are an adult working with under 18 year old's.
    3. You are working in any of the occupational fields listed in the Act. See the Act if you are uncertain.
    4. Your work involves direct contact with children. Direct contact means physical, face-to-face, written, oral or electronic contact.
    5. Your contact with children is part of your duties and not incidental to your work.


  • Riders are required to wear The Equine Club polo shirt at all times when not competing and when out as part of the team.
  • Wear only white or cream coloured jodhpur's when at competitions.
  • Australian safety standard helmet are mandatory, please check with staff if you are uncertain.
  • Riding boots. chaps or tall boots should be worn when competing. If you are uncertain of the individual competition requirements please check with staff.
  • As most of our competition tack is brown, brown riding boots are preferred unless your horse has black tack.
  • Additional uniform items such as short or long sleeved soft shell vests are to be worn in cooler weather and caps for sun protection.
  • Interschool competitions require the rider to wear the school uniform, it the school does not have one, a sports shirt and / or school jumper can be worn. During Interschool events, The Equine Club polo shirts are not required. If however, you require a jacket for cooler weather or cap, we ask that you wear the uniform of The Equine Club.
  • Presentations and award ceremonies will require that you only wear your designated school uniform or riding jacket depending on event entered.
  • During interschool competitions, no blazers or riding jackets are to be worn.
  • Gloves are a competition requirement, please ensure you purchase white gloves.
  • All staff and volunteers over the age of 18 must have a valid Working with Children's Check and card which must be witnessed and documented by staff in order to assist with training.


  • Teams are formed based on age, interest, riding ability, riding discipline, horse availability and a number of other factors.
  • Interschool teams whom wish to compete together, where there is no school team, may compete as part of The Equine Club and ride together for their school or individually. You are required to register your interest with the school and make them aware of your intent to ride Interschools and represent your school name in the event you are new to Interschool competition.
  • Adults and non school age riders will be grouped based on riding ability and age, where able we will ensure that you are able to compete together and train together.
  • If there are a group of riders who would like to form their own group, we can also accommodate that.
  • Groups are limited to six (6) riders per team.


  • It is adviseable that you train at least weekly with Marcel with a private lesson to work on your individual needs and he can concentrate on your specific riding needs that may be different to what is provided in a group setting.
  • It is also adviseable, if able, that you partake in our Pony Club syllabus where you will ride with other members of the squad and get to know other team members who ride at a similar level and have similar riding interests to yourself.
  • All lessons are conducted at Five Star Arena in Cranbourne South unless advised otherwise.


  • Competitions are decided in consulation with the team based on rider interest.
  • Where there is availability, teams can compete up to a maximum of two (2) competitions a month.
  • Some disciplines are more seasonal and as such you may find that some months there are no available competitions to enter.