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At The Equine Club, we recognise there are many riders out there who are riding at a level where they have the ability to compete at equine events, the only barrier being they do not own their own horse for which to do so. This is where The Equine Club has filled a much needed void. Most riders with our squad are up and coming Pony Club members though it is open to riders who do not wish to partake in Pony Club. Squad is headed up by David Boyle who runs a weekly program for riders who want to take their riding to the next level and group classes will be held on a Tuesday night from 2021. Riders are encouraged to also partake in individual lessons as well as the group classes to further their riding. Riders will only be able to compete as a part of squad once they are deemed confident and capable to do so in an atmosphere outside of the riding school environment.

The benefits of horse riding are numerous. Squad gives individuals:

      • a sense of achievement, being able to set goals and work towards those goals
      • the ability to work autonomously and within a group
      • friendships built with like-minded people who provide support and encouragement to each other
      • study results showed that children riding horses greatly improved their ability to perform behavioural tasks, leading to better memory, learning and problem solving.
      • resilience, not everything goes to plan despite all the hard work, and some days are great and other not so
      • finally, and for parents, you understand this, no screen!
The Equine Club

Some of the places that we compete

Victorian Equestrian Interschool Series

The Victorian Equestrian Interschool Series (VEIS) is a wonderful event for school aged riders to get established with EA rules and tests. The riders compete based on their year of school with Primary being to year 6 then Secondary years are divided into years 7 – 9 and 10 – 12 levels. Within those levels riders are then grouped further based on their riding ability from Prepatory through to Advanced tests.

The Equine Club compete interschool competitions in either dressage, show jumping or a combination of both. During the year there are nominated events which are qualifyers that participants can obtain points towards an overall series each year, the overall series winner being the person who has finished with the highest points at the end of the series.

Unofficial Equestrian Australia

We do pariticpate at certain unofficial EA events where we have riders who are riding at a high level. Generally we would not enter official EV events due to the callibre of rider and horse that generally enters. When there is an open event we encourage riders to participate as this is a great introduction for where participants can take their riding.

In addition, it allows participants the opportunity to ride within this exciting environment and to participate where there is less pressure and they are able to enjoy the day. It is a great day out and allows participants to view some beautiful competition horses as they go through their tests.


Open Pony Club Victoria events

Pony Club Victoria is an amazing opportunity for young riders with their own ponies. 2019 saw The Equine Club become a Pony Club Rider Centre allowing riders the opportunity to join Pony Club for riders without their own ponies, instead using the riding school ponies and horses. This will then link in with the existing Rider Squad and merge as a combined service. The Equine Club will compete open pony club events with our riders as a team. With Pony Club’s membership spanning over 15 countries and over 102,000 members it is a great initiative and one we are glad we can offer riders the ability to compete within.

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