certificate program and levels

What are the levels of the program?

pony club levels diagram


  • Younger children and complete beginners will commence at E certificate.
  • Riders with previous experience who can demonstrate a basic understanding of horsemanship are able to commence the program at D certificate
  • D, D* and C certificates are pre- requisites for their following certificates
  • Riders can progress from C certificate to B certificate via either the C* or K certificate
  • B certificate is a pre-requisite for A certificate
  • As a baseline the C certificate is the recommended minimum level of achievement that allows the rider a good foundation of riding skill, safefy and horsemanship

Pony Club certificates are recognised in Pony Club countries across the world, and at the higher level demonstrates to potential employers the riders knowledge of working with and caring for horses. For those wishing to purchase their own horse down the track, the certificates are often used as a pre-requisite for selelction for teams competing at state, national and international competition levels.